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1031 Exchange

1031 exchanges (Internal Revenue Code Section 1031) exist to allow investment property owners to defer capital gains tax and depreciation recapture by reinvesting the proceeds from the sale of a property into another property of like kind. Thus a 1031 tax-deferred exchange can be a powerful wealth-building tool, allowing property owners to keep investment dollars fully invested by deferring tax liabilities indefinitely.

Qualified Exchange Properties
  • Raw or vacant land
  • Commercial properties
  • Rental properties
  • Farm land
  • Retail properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Leasehold interest of 30 years or more
  • Delaware Statutory Trusts
  • Royalties
  • Working interest in oil and gas
Disqualified Properties
  • Primary residence
  • Second home
  • Stock in trade or inventory
  • Property specifically held for resale/speculation
  • Vacation homes
  • Partnership interests
  • Securities or other evidences of indebtedness

DSTs and TICs

For over a decade we’ve helped investors find suitable 1031 replacement property in the form of Delaware Statutory Trust programs (“DSTs”), tenant-in- common programs (“TICs”), sole ownership, royalty and over-riding royalty interests, undivided fractional working interests, etc.

The inclusion of TICs and DSTs when used as part of a broadly diversified portfolio, may mitigate some of the overall risk in an investment portfolio, could improve current cash flow and provide significant tax advantages and appreciation potential.

  • Income paid monthly (with most sponsors)
  • Allow private investors access to larger institutional-grade properties and tenants
  • No day-to- day management
  • Professional property and asset management
  • Additional asset and geographical diversification
  • Similar benefits of sole ownership including asset depreciation and interest deductions
RISKS OF 1031 DSTs and TICs
  • Income is not guaranteed
  • Not all investments are suitable for 1031 exchange investors
  • Current applicable 1031 laws may not remain in effect
  • Investors do not have direct control of the property management or disposition
  • Considered an illiquid investment and have no established secondary market
  • Higher costs may be associated with fractional ownership structure and professional management

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