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West Peak Investments2 specializes in offering you a wide selection of 1031 properties and alternative investments ranging from real estate to energy, tax strategies, and private equity, amongst others. With more options to choose from, we help you build a custom and diversified portfolio of suitable investments from a variety of sponsors, designed to meet your lifelong plans. Whether you’re looking for stable and predictable income, capital preservation, growth, tax benefits, or protecting your wealth for future generations, we remain committed to you and your top priorities.

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Looking to ensure sufficient income for retirement in an uncertain market, investors are asking about alternative investment opportunities and financial professionals need answers. As an integral player in the 1031 and alternative investment industry since 2003, we can help professionals and investors navigate a wide-range of past and present offerings as well as sponsors. Consulting is done on a case-by-case basis. *3

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Baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” At West Peak Investments, we put you firmly in control and guide you down the road to the financial future you’ve worked for by educating you on alternative investment and 1031 solutions you didn’t know you have. We believe informed investors make better decisions, so we provide you with free and relevant information designed to help you better understand your alternative investment options. Make a smart investment towards your financial future today by signing up to receive our free investor newsletter.

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Ivan West

Founder | Financial Advisor

Mr. West, Founder of West Peak Investments, has been an integral player in the 1031 exchange and alternative investment industry since 2003. Mr. West has experience in a wide-range of alternative investment strategies including real estate, 1031 property, energy, tax strategies1, private equity, fixed income, amongst others.

Today, Mr. West helps high-net worth investors and professionals from all over the country take control of their financial future by providing sound advice, consulting, and education on 1031 solutions and alternative investment strategies.

After spending several years as a due diligence analyst of 1031 exchange replacement properties such as TIC’s and DST’s, Mr. West became a Series 7 and 66 securities licensed financial advisor in 2005. Over the past decade Mr. West expanded his business to include a broader range of alternative asset classes for cash investors, recognizing these programs brought more and better options to his clients. In 2013 Mr. West guided his business to include a third-party consulting component after being sought out on numerous occasions for his counsel on 1031 and alternative strategies, and to help navigate lease and sale negotiations. As a firm believer that informed investors make better decisions, Mr. West founded West Peak Investments to provide a better platform to educate investors and professionals on their 1031 options and alternative investment strategies, and to help them better understand these non-traditional investment solutions.

Prior to founding West Peak Investments, Mr. West served as an analyst and advisor for 1031 Property Watch and was a member of OMNI Brokerage’s Investment Committee.

Mr. West is also a devoted husband of 14 years to his wife Sarah, and a loving and active father to his three sons, Cole, Jackson, and Luke.

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